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September 30 2012


Emergency Medical Alarm

Rescue Alert emergency medical alarms are intended to offer the independence required to live and eat yourself in a safe manner. In addition, they offer reassurance for you personally and your family members. It really is reassuring to learn when an unfortunate accident occurs you will be able to signal for help, if you are unable to get to the phone. The unit have become common over the years and allow so many senior citizens to reside independent lives. Rescue Alert supplies a creation that is very much just like the others inside the field; however they have taken certain steps to go beyond what exactly is usually offered.

emergency medical alarm

These emergency medical alarms start using a three part system which will make sure you obtain assistance inside the fastest manner possible. A panic or anxiety button is worn across the neck or about the wrist which may be pushed in a situation in which you need immediate medical attention. Next there is the alert base unit that will place a trip towards the monitoring center if the panic button is pushed. You can use the built-in two way speaker so that you can talk with the attendant far away. The attendant will then either dispatch an ambulance, or simply get in contact with your best family member or friend.

Naturally with all the different companies offering these emergency medical alarms, what would make Rescue Alert stand out as the one you should choose? The organization professes that it comes down to reliability and price. This can be a company that has been in operation for more than 2 decades now when they first started these were one of the true pioneers with this technology. They've made multiple advances through the years which has ensured that they increase the array of the panic button transmitter, improve battery monitoring, and raise the overall longevity of the system overall.

emergency medical alarm

In order to help you determine which company provides the appropriate product for you, Rescue Alert has added an assessment page for their site which lets you conduct the research in a flash. Applying this guide will show you which it has one of the longest panic button ranges available being 600 ft. In addition, it features a 90 hour battery backup instead of the more common Round the clock backup. In another attempt to enhance their service, the organization only hires monitoring attendants that are EMD certified. By manufacturing and monitoring its own equipment, the organization can also keep better tabs on its performance.

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